Services to User/members

Vezencare makes the journey to a better and healthier life by providing health care services and support at every single step so that every individual can have easier access to health care by providing the following services.

  • Online health ID & health card
  • Doctor appointments
  • Remainders for consultation of doctors
  • Free health checkups
  • Medication delivery
  • Caretaker services
  • Commuter management, care services
  • Health insurances
  • Find facility
  • Health history maintenance
  • Vaccination alerts
  • Health reports and medical records maintenance
  • 24/7 call center services

Collaboration with Hospitals

The medical profession is considered as a noble profession because its helps in preserving life. Vezencare collaborates with all health care centers and hospitals to give easy & efficient health care services to its users. Vezencare provides the following features.

  • Web portal maintenance
  • Doctor appointment and their slot management
  • Online, offline and outpatient promotions
  • Patient health records and reports maintenance
  • Patient consultation reminders
  • Collaborated health and medical camps
  • Patient reviews
  • Newsletters and self-promotions



Collaboration with Schools

Vezencare collaborates with schools to conduct regular health camps and awareness campaigns for students for better health care and sanitation. Vezencare provides the following features.

  • Regular health camps
  • Online health ID and health cards for students.
  • General health checkups
  • Ensures vaccinations and hygiene awareness
  • Provides a review sheet of child’s health to parents